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music. by Leticia Moreira... Lost in the thrill and majesty of the sounds...

That moment when you put on the headphones and listen to music, close your eyes and take it all in. Its a blissful moment.

It's not polite to stare at peoples cocks lmao

Chicken and Boy Smoking Smokes Cigarette Vintage Image from 1920 Funny Unique Photo Photography Sepia Black & White Print Cute Weird

Cuba Sports - Portfolio - Sports Photography Walter Iooss

In February and March award-winning Sports Illustrated photographer Walter Iooss traveled to Havana to capture these images of life in Cuba.


Romina Ressia

Buenos Aires, Argentina Artist: Romina Ressia I think it'd be really cool to do a series of old fashioned portraits doing "new fashioned" things (chewing bubblegum, cell phone, etc)

believe or don`t believe / simple don`t give a fuck

Fuck the weak allah. Fuck the all worthless god. Fuck jesus the rapist. Fuck the child molesting pope. Fuck it all!

ok this is a bit of a struggle to get but...pregnant lady....12 months.....daddy?>>> i just realized what was so funny....thats not funny at all that girl cheated on her husband awww thats horrible

Funny pictures about Pregnancy fail. Oh, and cool pics about Pregnancy fail. Also, Pregnancy fail photos.