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The Jetty at Cabanas Rio | Remodelista

Cabanas no Rio Comporta - Portugal Authors: Manuel e Francisco Aires Mateus

Perfect island house idea—induction stove that can be covered with countertop when not in use. Space-saving and pretty.

Recycle This: A Pair of Fishermen's Cabins Turned Beachside Cabanas by Dalilah Arja HOUSE

Gardenista Book Sneak Peek: The Architects' Studio on Cape Cod: Remodelista

The Architects' Studio on Cape Cod

Gardenista Book Sneak Peek: The Architects& Studio on Cape Cod: Remodelista

Best Possible Outhouse | Sweden | Remodelista

Scandinavian Simplicity: A Reimagined Swedish Summerhouse

The Cabanas no Rio,  Manuel Aires Mateus - repurposed fisherman huts in Portugal

Cabin Cabanas No Rio > Comporta > Portugal > authors Aires Mateus

Board-formed concrete made by pouring wet concrete in a temporary board frame, or mould, the concrete that is revealed when the framing is removed is as varied as the types of boards used - knotty and rough, or smooth like plywood sheets.

Contrast of textures Rough, board-formed concrete provides a foil for the smooth steel edging. The horizontal bands are made by allowing wet concrete to seep between the lumber that’s used to make the temporary frame, which holds the mix while it cures.


Springtime in Sussex


The Spanish Sofa was inspired by an old Spanish sofa and is made with reclaimed douglas fir, pitch pine, oak, and larch; available by special order (it's been featured in World of Interiors, the UK bible of interior design)

Soulful Interiors from a UK Design Company

Could make into Taos bed size - Spanish Sofa fromSasa Works Bench