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EXO>>>>>mostly BTS and Monsta x and BlackPink and EXO and SHINee

Put yo hands up! Put yo hands up! Puppupupu put yo hands up! Put yo hands up!

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baby you light up my world like nobody else. Wallpaper and background photos of baby you light up my world like nobody else ♥ for fans of Beautiful Pictures images.

Ellen and I were just watching this during our Friday Movie Night! HAYLOOOOOR.  -H

Blues = Harry and Taylor GloZell. I have watched this so many times and every time I laugh so hard! Glozell is HILARIOUS! Watch this video, probably one of the funniest Glozell and Haylor videos yet!

Wonder why people thing UK one direction is better?

British boy band One Direction is being sued by a much lesser known American band -- also called One Direction -- and now, the Americans are out for blood…


One Direction Pepsi commercial :) In my English class, We were looking at ads and it was Taylor Swift Coke ad, or One Direction Pepsi ad. I was the only one who has excited about seeing the Pepsi ad.