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Pretty pink Rhodotus palmatus ~ by ~Drccar on deviantART.this would be a pretty tat

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Snail Sitting on a Red Mushroom- making mushrooms out of clay or something and painting as a garden decoration or veggie marker would be cute

Pretty Italian mushrooms   ○   via Flickr by serena

Beautiful mushrooms growing out of a tree trunk In the middle of the forest.

Mycena crocata

Fabulous Fungi ~ Saffron-drop Bonnet (Mycena crocata) ~ By vor dem Harz

Boletus frostii, commonly known as Frost's bolete or the apple bolete, have tubes and pores instead of gills on the underside of their caps. . Boletus frostii mushrooms can be recognized by their dark red sticky caps, pores, network-like pattern of the stem, and the bluing reaction to tissue injury.  not recommended for consumption because of the risk of confusion with other poisonous red-pored, blue-bruising boletes.

one of the poisonous ones, Boletus Frostii Mushroom Boletus frostii, commonly known as Frost's bolete or the apple bolete, is a bolete fungus first described scientifically in

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The Penny Bun mushroom represents the wild mushroom par excellence. It was given the appropriate nickname 'Penny Bun' because of it's well-baked colour and round shape. Whole caps are excellent grilled!

Cogumelos Vermelhos.

“To dream of mushrooms denotes fleeting happiness, to dream you are gathering them, fickleness in a lover or consort.” –Richard Folkard in Plant Lore

The color palette №2291 -- Bright, summer palette. The natural combination of colors. Shades of green, earth colors and are vitality, beauty and vitality. The highlight of the composition - a bright pink color. With it you can create eye-catching glamorous accents. Wonderful range for use in almost any interior space. Such paint is especially suitable for the decoration of the kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining room.

Natural combination of colors. Shades of greenery, soil and flowers bring vitality, beauty, energy. The zest of composition - hot p.

Etsy Finds: Amazing Candy Mushrooms

Etsy Finds: Amazing Candy Mushrooms

How cool are these chocolate mushrooms? This is Candy! Complete with chocolate stems - Candy Sweet Colorful Wild Mushrooms / A by andiespecialtysweets, (via HandmadeCharlotte)