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a baby. It's a baby." The baby smiled and giggles, flapping its tiny wings to reach him. Ellis poked its nose, and the baby seemed to find this amusing and giggled harder.

50 Cute and Effortless Long Layered Haircuts with Bangs

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Illustrations by shadesofeleven

Portrait: Brittany Hollis by Jeff Tse Photographer: Jeff Tse Model: Brittany Hollis Makeup: Dominique Samuel Production: Emily Bishop - Fashion Photography - Colour

Crows are SMART! THEY use tools, can remember faces, vocalize anger, sadness or happiness. Some stay with their mates till one of them dies.

Hollow Earth Inhabitants and The Battle of Magh Tuireadh

"I AM CROW" by Kirby Sattler This painting inspired the make up for the character of "Tonto" played by Johnny Depp in the movie The Lone Ranger.

What Maya Angelou Meant to Me

A Boy Feeding His Wounded Bird by an 8 year old boy from Indonesia in 1973. Multi-colored drawing 15.0 cm x 22.5 cm. The composition depicts a male's profile sitting on a cushion holding a cage with a yellow bird. The figure is painted black with no details on the face, body, and hands. He is wearing colorful garments and hat. The colors are typical of the Indonesian culture. He may be depicting a reality event in his life or the wounded people and animals from the civil war in earlier…

Because I wake up looking like a balloon animal dry humped my hair.

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to sit by a babbling brook like I use to when I was a child and listen to the ticklings of the water flowing down the stream

parrots) Have huge brains for birds like seriously their brain-to-body size ratio is equal to that of a chimpanzee They vocalize anger sadness or happiness in response to things they are scary smart at solving puzzles some crows stay with t