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The Truth of Wal-Mart

The Truth of Wal-Mart

Boneless Pork Rectums? Not to put too fine a point on it, but the rectum, as a sphincter muscle, wouldn't have bones in it anyway...

Boneless Pork Rectums Inverted - I know when I go for a pig rectum, a bone is the last thing I worry about finding in it

Why oh why would you want people to see your teeth? That's the mother in me talking. Maybe I would have thought it was cool many years ago...but I doubt it! ...(just remember to brush your teeth so you won't turn people off...ha.) ...Carol

I’m reasonably open-minded when it comes to piercings, but even I’ll admit my stomach turned slightly upon seeing this. This spectacular ‘lip window’ body modification is .

Fiendishly clever idea. Wonder if I could die in Africa and implicate someone in the USA. ;-)

Funny pictures about Permanent Marker. Oh, and cool pics about Permanent Marker. Also, Permanent Marker photos.

DISGUSTING chicken head holding a chicken head . Interesting

10 Most Disgusting Things Found in Food - disgusting foods, gross things

chicken head in mcdonalds happy meal - most creepiest and disgusting things found in food >>> Nico playing a prank on people and laughing his ass off in a dark corner, when he sees their expressions and reactions.

Tongue Envy  Shot on Hollywood Blvd.

Tongue Envy Shot on Hollywood Blvd.

thats odd.. usually these pictures contain a grammatical error...

Lost in translation: The hilarious foreign signs that don’t get their English quite right

The Missing bite of apple.

The Missing bite of apple.

So legit!!

I laughed way more than I expected to lol I don't often walk to the beat of music (not consciously anyway) but this is fantabulous hahaha