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The Truth of Wal-Mart

The Truth of Wal-Mart

Colbert on rainbow Oreos

Colbert on Rainbow Oreos

Funny pictures about Colbert on Rainbow Oreos. Oh, and cool pics about Colbert on Rainbow Oreos. Also, Colbert on Rainbow Oreos.

Why I Hate Shopping at Wal-Mart

Why I Hate Shopping at Wal-Mart

Several reasons I despise entering, being in, and exiting a Wal-Mart store

Lol every day he's home

Internet Husband - I told him to whisper dirty things in my ear he said "The kitchen, the den, and the bathrooms"

Good lord...and are these IQ tests given in their native languages? Cuz if I took an IQ test in Mandarin or something I'd score record setting lows

That is shocking…

White native Americans… what the fuck this Jason Richwine is a complete shitbrain. My anus has more IQ than him!

nerdy pick up lines #1

If you're having code problems I feel bad for you son. I got a 99 problems but a glitch ain't one.

video game logic runescape

Runescape Logic - runescape is going to bring old combat system back! Make sure to vote on the runescape website!

Putting a woman on a dollar bill. (I will miss the Colbert Report.)

Putting a woman on a dollar bill

If we put a woman on the dollar it will only be worth 77 cents!

So if you don't like the "F" word then stop shopping at Walmart.  That goes for all those that like the "F" word too!

Not shopping at Walmart has been my New Year's resolution for far, I have only darkened their doors for a prescription that Target couldn't fill.

Você realmente quer essas coisas???

Funny pictures about Things boys do. Oh, and cool pics about Things boys do. Also, Things boys do.