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It seems as if you were just counting her fingers and toes or Googling every possible remedy for his colic and now you have a certifiable person on your hands and the person is very small but she already has strong opinions. On everything. Pointing, wanting, refusing, demanding turns into asking, yelling, [...]

16 Tips for Surviving The Toddler Years

Enjoy the years as much as you can. You'll be glad when they're over but you'll miss them at the same time. 16 Tips for Surviving The Toddler Years - Scary Mommy

in underwear or jeans

Lose your muffin top and get ride of the excess buldge that pops out and over your jeans. See the tummy exercises from flat tummy workouts to reduce tummy fat, and muffin tops. How to get a flat tummy.

Fat lasts longer than flavor

Remember: Fat lasts longer than flavor. Would you rather have a taste that cake or have to look at it when it's stuck to your ass?

Just wait

SO TRUE! - Motivation Quotes: I'll ride this out, my cravings will be gone in fifteen minutes if I direct my attention elsewhere.