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An image can tell a whole story

Proposal at a Christmas tree farm;take note of this.and the coffee in her hand ;) even though its so common, my DREAM proposal would be around Christmas time!

Words cannot describe how awesome this is. Want want wantttt

Gorgeous wedding pictures and some great ideas. perfect lighting in this picture! I want a picture like this!

I want this pic

21 Wedding Photo Ideas for your Bridal Party - GREAT ideas! - Get your bridesmaids to wear the groomsmen’s blazer jackets and capture it -- with the whole wedding party and then just bride and groom

Photo by Jane Johnson

Where can I got to find these pretty giant flowers that blow away in the wind? why is the name of them escaping me right now, too.Photo by Jane Johnson

Praying together before the wedding <3

Write a prayer to say with your special someone on your Big Day without breaking tradition