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Invisible Shoes!

Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves came up with the fantastic shoes "Invisible Shoe". They are not only invisible to themselves, but also m.


Beautiful Pieces From The Alexander McQueen Exhibit

These are so strange, but I still love them! NOVA SHOE ROSE GOLD by Zaha Hadid X United Nude

20 weird and wonderful shoe creations

Another incredible shoe from United Nude - Nova Shoe Rose Gold Vinyl + Carbon Fiber

Дизайнерские пиксельные туфли от архитектора и фэшн-дизайнера Фрэнсиса Битонти. Подробнее: http://www.rdh.ru/site/dizayn/3684--dizaynerskie_pikselnye_toofli_ot_frensisa_bitonti/  #francisbitonti #ditavonteese #3dпечать

Francis Bitonti creates pixellated shoes using cellular automaton. ⬆ Selected by Atelier Avec Vue

Conceptual 11 inch heel

'High Fashion' Or Fashion Designed Whilst High! Marla Marchant’s Amazingly Cool Printed Heels.

# diferente # feel #

Fairy Shoes--fun and creative, but definitely wouldn't be comfortable for any other than fairies.

beautiful shoes! :)

Flower shoes, not certain of this is a concept or prototype but the possibilities for this shoe are endless. It's a good thing.