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Chubby Puppy!

Chubby Puppy!

Chubby bunny.

This bunnie who will only nap in decors that match his luscious gray coat.

Upcoming Litters | caerleonlabradors

Our litters are planned with much thought and care and we carefully select homes for our babies. All our puppies are born and raised in the house until approximately 4 weeks of age when they move o.

English Bulldog puppy ❤ Just love that chubby little face (looks like mine lol)

"Kittens are wide-eyed soft and sweet with needles in her jaws and feet." --Pam Brown

The Exotic Jungle Looks and Wild Ocelot cat

Tuxedo cats are very sophisticated cats. In reality, these cats are absolutely among the best-dressed animals you can find. Tuxedo cat have unique pattern


Fat dog in a little bed....

A French Bulldog Puppy who outgrew her bed, but just won't accept it, too cute ;

wrinkle run

A chubby, brown puppy running as fast as it can.- this reminds me of my project. My project is the slightly unweildy body and my ability are my slightly too short to keep up legs. poor little thing!