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Amazing Things in the World - Golden Wave at sunset at Puerto Escondido, Mexico

I went down to the ocean with the intent of calming myself. I began running back and forth in the water maniacally screaming to the sea and the sea answered in the form of formidable waves I have no desire to stop.

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A California beach stairway to sunset, La Jolla, California. La Jolla is an affluent neighborhood in San Diego, California. It is a hilly seaside community, occupying 7 miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean within the northern city limits.

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Inside the wave (Photographers Nick Selwayand and CJ Kale, in Hawaii)

Wave Rainbows

Prisms of light create rainbows on ocean waves. Rainbows in the waves are so cool to see!

“Nature is too thin a screen; the glory of the omnipresent God bursts through everywhere”    - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Golden Rays of Sunshine. Ever since I was a kid every time I see the rays of sun like this I have felt like I see God. It's like God-shine to me. It's like the gates of heaven open up and the God-shine flows out for all to see.


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Breathtaking photos of ocean waves captured using high speed camera by talented French photographer Pierre Mason

Hello there, new day. I'm excited to see what you have to offer me. After I finally get some sleep.

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