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How Cocoa Farmers React When They Taste Chocolate For The First Time

Fried Oreos!

I should have tried fried Oreo's when I was in Vegas. Next time, I'm not saying NO, I'm a goin' eat me some Oreo's.

Country Breakfast - Eggs, bacon and toast

food bacon eggs breakfast potatoes meat meal ham home fries

"Love doesn't make the world go round, love is what makes the ride worthwhile."  ~Elizabeth Browning

Funny pictures about Romantic Penguins. Oh, and cool pics about Romantic Penguins. Also, Romantic Penguins photos.

only lasted for a week or so since we couldn't keep her...i was soooooo allergic :(


Sort of unintentionally adopted a stray cat we found in our storm cellar. A beautiful pinkish-white cat with blue eyes. Also one of the sneakiest animals I've ever met.

its amazing!!


i've been to london twice, and each time the london eye was closed.i will go back and get on it!

visit verona, italy.


And put a love letter in Juliet’s Wall and ride a gondola and go to a true Italian vineyard and drink italian wine and go sight-seeing and much more! Italy and Hawaii are my top places to travel!

Check! Finally made it to the one in Baltimore. Thanks @Katie Miner :D


[✓] July June June June March Nashville, Orlando, San Antonio, Hollywood, Chicago-go to a Hard Rock Cafe


I've been snorkeling in Hawaii- but never been scuba diving. I am kind of TERRIFIED of the ocean and every thing that lives there


Nutelleria - All Nutella restaurant in Bologna, Italy & Frankfurt, Germany

Fun, but scary!!:)

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Jump off a waterfall

every girls dream


We got our hands on the Disney Princess Slam Book and couldn't believe what Snow White, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella had to say. These princesses aren't perfect!

Bucket List -- visit the world's largest aquarium

visit worlds largest aquarium. I love aquariums.I'd like to visit every one in the country.

Blue and Gold Masquerade mask with blue feathers!

Masquerade balls are events where people attend in a costume wearing a mask. These masks were used to conceal or hide the identity of the .

best show ever <3


I'd die but that would be so much fun.

Fully White. I have a few with white in them, but I want a totally white one.

YES seriously I want one SOO bad. Spring break I WILL be getting a white ink tattoo :)