Tetris Party-Anyone who has ever played Tetris before understands the frustration of the long skinny piece. You can't win without the long skinny piece but he's bound to screw you over eventually.

Tetris Font - Rita Dias

Online portfolio of Rita Dias, a graphic designer based in Lisbon.

Pumpktris: A Fully Playable Version of Tetris Inside a Carved Pumpkin | Colossal

Pumpktris: A Playable LED Lit Game of Tetris Inside of a Pumpkin - by Nathan Pryor of HaHa Bird

Look @ center of image for 30 sec n watch Van Gogh's 'Starry  Night' come to life...

This is SO cool. Click the GIF buttom for it to work, watch the top half for 30 seconds, then watch Starry Night come to life. So worth it!

There's Street Art... Then There's Clever Street Art (42 Photos)

Street artist Smates turns an overpass into a shark tank in Brussels, Belgium. This is a beautiful (and a little terrifying) example of the transformative power of street art. It's amazing how realistic this looks!