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Check out some amazing pampering products here: HTTPS://julielabrie.po.sh/

Check out some amazing pampering products here: HTTPS://julielabrie.

With life getting back into the swing of things, sometimes anxiety can come. If you are like me your children have went back to school, and extracurricular activities have resumed. So I often feel like I am a taxi driver amongst a chicken with my head cut off. The product that helps me tremendously is our Hipster Skin stick! If you would like to give it a try you can contact me or order from my website.  www.LoveLivePosh.com #Pamper #Pampering #YouDeserveIt #Relax #Posh #GetPoshed #ILovePosh…

Perfectly Posh Hipster Skin Stick A unique edgy blend if essential oils to mellow mood, soothe your souls and detox your day!

Hipster helps relieve stress and anxiety through the use of essential oils. Visit my site https://Kristalin.po.sh

Our wonderful skin sticks help with a variety of different needs with uses of high quality essential oils, and butters!


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Sleepy Sleep Skin stick for the Win! Uses she's butter and lavender essential oil. Apply to the neck, behind ears, temples and your babies foot! It's my fav.