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Celebrate - 1st Christmas Together

Celebrate - Christmas Together

My fav show of all time to watch on Xmas Eve, ever since I was a little girl! Now my little ones watch it with me. :)

Quote from: How the Grinch Stole Christmas.One of our favorite traditional Christmas movies to watch.

The 12 Dates of Christmas ~ 12 simple & cute "dates" to enjoy with your special someone during the bustle of the holiday season.  I think the hubs & I might make these a Christmas tradition!

12 Dates of Christmas

The 12 Dates of Christmas ~ 12 simple ways to enjoy time with your spouse during the busy Christmas season. & Sounds like so much fun! And, it sounds doable with kids (they can even crash a few of the dates!

As Christians most of us have mixed feelings about the Christmas holidays. On the one hand, we love our scented holiday trees, twinkling lights, TV specials, yule logs, candles, carols, cookies, and Christmas dinner roasting in the oven.  Obviousl

I love this. Make Christmas more about CHRIST! That's my goal this year. I love the idea of setting up a nativity scene first - focusing in early on. Christmas Mom Challenge: 7 Mini-Challenges to Increase Kid's Faith & Gratitude at Christmas

Cute class gift! Look at the Candy Cane - What do you see? - Stripes that are red - Like the blood shed for me - White is for my Savior - Who’s sinless and pure! - “J” is for Jesus My Lord, that’s for sure! - Turn it around - And a staff you will see - Jesus my shepherd - Was born for Me!

"J" is for Jesus Candy Cane Here is the poem attached: The candy cane turned upside down, is the letter J. To remind us of the baby Jesus born of Christmas Day!