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subtraction with borrowing.  digiblock.com #video

Use Digi-Block to show Subtraction with Borrowing

love the new logo! Digi-Block

love the new logo! Digi-Block

Connect 10 (or keep it Connect 4 but put fractions on each token - so many possibilities)

Books, Blocks, and Baskets: Math game, freebie and a sweet treat recipe! How to make ten with Connect Four

I found it !!  Cute duck pig frog and monkey circle time math fun. Very interactive with puppets worksheets counting items etc.

We read Five Little Ducks and acted out subtraction problems using duck puppets. Then we used rubber ducks in a "pond" to model subtraction stories. I modeled with the ducks while the kids used orange cubes for ducks and blue construction paper ponds.

A new take on whole group math

A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the kindergarten SDE conference in Austin, TX. I had the privilege to listen to Julie Brinkley present a few sessions and absolutely loved some of the things t…

Frog Spot: Subtraction Fun

Frog Spot: Subtraction Fun (using frogs on a log for bendy snake for carrot patch, octopus legs for I love this idea for numeracy!

subtraction, the written algorithm

Subtraction with Regrouping: Why the Written Algorithm Works

A great visual aid for teaching subtraction.  Printable.  Really great for students with special learning needs who need more visual support.  Download at:  http://spotlightonkindergarten.blogspot.ca/2012/03/moving-on-to-subtraction-freebies.html

subtraction mats Here's a terrific idea for working on subtraction. Includes subtraction work mat, number sentences, and recording sheet.