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Cool tie!

Chambray cutaway and a great knitted tie make something simple into something stunning. Unfortunately the original poster gave no information so if you know where this is from, who the shirt and tie are made by, please let me know.

step one show boyfriend step two buy for him step three make him wear it

The Lees Mens unbalance 2 button china collar jacket - so stylish!

Contrasting colours.

The grey waistcoat is a great compliment to the navy suit and maroon tie. Don't be afraid to experiment.

Tailoring: A Game of Inches

Tailoring is, literally, a game of inches. Here’s a quick tip on pairing collars, ties and jackets togethe [read more.

No Relevance Intended - Gallery

No Relevance Intended

Amazing Motorcycle (sorry for that girl, she wont go away.

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tailorablenco: “ “ Suit : ‘Loropiana’ Cotton& Wool - for Tailorable Wine Label” “Lapel Pin - BullettoX Tailorable&co” "Tie by Tie Your Tie ” ”