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17 Equations that changed the world | #mathematics #maths #science #physics #equation #theory #calculus #normaldistribution #relativity

17 Equations that important for all Electrical Engineers - Electrical Engineering World

Euler's Identity. Like what? I can't even.

If you can’t see the elegance of this, I only wish you could. It ties together the imaginary number, the exponential, pi, 1 and The imaginary number is derived out of necessity in algebra. The exponential number.

Chemistry Ideal Gas Law as ABCD

This sheet gives the formulas for the Gas Laws. - [Cluster Statement] - Use polynomial identities to solve problems - Prove polynomial identities and use them to describe numerical relationships.

Calculus Derivatives and Limits Reference Sheet (1 page PDF)

calculus derivatives limits sheet (free printable, plus the page explains the concepts)