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It's fascinating to watch trends cycle in and out — and also fascinating to spot, while looking through images of interiors from the past, something that looks very, very familiar. A lot of the trends that we think of as 'new' aren't really new at all — they're old trends that are enjoying new popularity, as evidenced by these images from the history of design.

Everything Old is New Again: 5 'New' Trends that Aren't Really New at All

A purple kitchen! I can't decide if it's for Random funnies or pretty things.) not every day one encounters a lavender hued vintage kitchen like this sleek, inviting beauty.

1950s kitchenette

Vintage Kitchen Larder Cupboard Cabinet Kitchenette, Solid wood Manufactured in Romford by Blue Gate Products." -Rj This would be great as a kitchen coffee bar!

50's prime time cafe @ Disney Studios.. Yummy

Prime Time Cafe Orlando, FL, had Mom's fried chicken. Cousin Jason had to feed me my vegetables because I didn't finish them.

Vintage 1950's Youngstown Kitchen in yellow and red.

At the same sale where I found the vintage JC Penney catalog , I also scored TWO vintage Youngstown steel kitchen cabinet sales brochures .

Mid Century

Mid Century

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Kitchen Design This was an image from a kitchen design article in Ladies Home Journal. What I would not give to have a pink kitchen!