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♥ Something exciting down there ♥ Posted on #English #Bulldog #News

Wilson "helping" his Mom with the yard work.

English Bulldog ~ Gotta do what you gotta do to stay cool!

It's all mine! My very own puppy pool. I have been on the hunt for the dogs pool…

Are you coming to bed yet?.. #Bulldog

Top 10 Funny Bulldogs - A Funny Bulldog Videos Compilation 2015 Here are top 10 funny videos of funny bulldogs. It's 10 funniest bulldog videos that we found recently. Bulldogs are awesome. So check out this funny bulldog compilation.

Braddock the bulldog....English bulldog love

Braddock the bulldog.English bulldog love A real luv!


31 Dog Reactions for Everyday Situations (When your friend says there's no time for froyo before the concert:)


10 English Bulldogs That Will Melt Your Heart

My English bulldog would be named Myrtle; if a boy, Winston Churchill. English Bulldog Pups to Make You Smile by Barbara O'Brien, via Behance

This pup needs to sing the thunder song!

Have you hugged your Bulldog today? I swear every bulldog loves to be held this way!