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Another shot of Louie.

Another shot of Louie.

I hate it.

But when that one kid in class who Is always being an idiot and talking back to the teacher and amuses the whole class.

Best friends for 2 1/2 years. My heart just melted into a puddle.

This is how I'm praying my dogs will handle the baby! Best friends for 2 years. -- this makes my heart melt. so sweet

#ChickenWeek Video of the Day: Rooster Laughs His Butt Off - http://modernfarmer.com/2016/03/chicken-video-laughing-rooster/?utm_source=PN&utm_medium=Pinterest&utm_campaign=SNAP%2Bfrom%2BModern+Farmer

#ChickenWeek Video of the Day: Rooster Laughs His Butt Off

I somehow really identify with this guy

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Basset Hounds Running! The_LD Basset Hounds Running! Basset Hounds Running!

pictures-of-cute-dogs-7 | Hub Force: Hub 4 Learning


'That cupcake is out of my reach, but who cares. It may be sour anyway'. This cute frustrated doggie saying to himself but still have his eyes on the cute cupcake.

The center of attention, diamondback rattlesnake YIKES!

I'm kind of scared for the snake What an excellent photo. The Guinea Hens and the chickens are real good at something like this. I'd say "poor snake" but I don't like snakes.