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Hershey's Kiss Squeezable directions

Hershey's Kiss Squeezable directions

Una ghirlanda di cuori

buy 3 different colors of felt . Cut into squares then cut heart shape. take each heart and sew down middle of the heart, and sewing the next heart etc to make a garland. Hang in a doorway or a window or from the ceiling

Or this... Soak the corks for easy cutting. Use a turkey electric knife.

How to Creatively Reuse Wine Bottles

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments to Treasure

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Snowy-Scene Painted Christmas Ornament It has been a long time since I painted ornaments. I may have to paint some this year.

Use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium to Create a DIY Project.

50+ Awesome DIY Image Transfer Projects

Use Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium to Create a DIY Project. Foam board backing idea for chair area

How amazing is this? Same person, same picture frame, photos taken over his lifetime.

Fathers day photography kids photo ideas for special and memorable gifts for dad. Take pictures to freeze the beautiful moment, best Fathers day gift ever.

would be fun & easy for those that have an orange tree growing in the yard...Patty!

Fragrant Fruit Wreath

Try Fragrant Fruit in a Christmas Wreath.dried lemon, lime, and orange slices in any combination you like. Very pretty. You could probably use some cinnamon sticks, too, glued on or hanging in the middle under the ribbon.

Wall art - 20 ways to Mod Podge a canvas. ~ Mod Podge Rocks!

Wall art – 20 ways to Mod Podge canvas

Wall art - 20 ways to Mod Podge Canvas - Mod Podge Rocks - This looks like an art project I can do, and it might even be interesting for a couple of Christmas presents.