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The horse is the best judge of a good rider, not the spectator. If the horse has high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided, if not, he will resist. Living life the cowgirl way

I have trouble with this, but it is very important to remember

Just ride and do your own thing.it is the best feeling in the world.my life and world for a horse of my own.

*ahem* you mean, feather? That horse has been the most stubborn horse to practically anyone and the other day outta nowhere she bonded to me and she is an AMAZING horse!!!!

The difficult horses are often the best teachers. Its so true. I had a horse named April. She was the worst horse at the start. By the time she died from an injury she was the best horse I ever could have had.

This kind of says it all........... #SaddlesForSale #Horses #MySaddleTrader

I started riding before I even whent to pre-school horses are my life

Cute quote

"A barn is a sanctuary in a unsettled world, a sheltered place where life’s true priorities are clear. When you take a step back, it’s not just about horses — its about love, life, and learning." I love this quote from Lauren Davis Barker. so true


being strong isn't something you choose to do.it's something you're forced to do when being weak isn't an option

Horse & beach.

Lesley Harrison Painting Animals That Touch The Heart - Horse in Water - Lesley Harrison Horse Paintings Wallpaper 27

"There's nothing you can't do when the horse becomes a part of you." - Pat Parelli

"There's nothing you can't do when the horse becomes a part of you." - Pat Parelli 100 million% TRUE - HORSE SENSE applies to EVERY successful relationship!

I believe that you look better in the cowboy hat and me buddy I've ever seen my life in there isn't anybody that Hurley ever got the lifted off my head except you because that's wrong I seen you in your own cowgirl hat once. Not one of them going to compete with that not one of them's going to know what to do with that gone horse whinny you know there's going to be come a point there's I mean it's going to become a lot of points that I can go over the top of nobody else is going to be able…

cowgirls are gods wildest angels, they use cowboy hats for halos and horses for wings, a mane in their face is their heavens grace

True. Ella, this is what I'm talking about.......

Nothing can explain barrel racing better than this! This is what its all about. I've already seen barrel racing, but it's still on the list to do again.