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I got this horse for my husband. Sounds like a good trade to me!

NickerDoodle_Hunk_Melanie_Eberhardt. Watching non-horse people trying to be helpful around horses is always funny!

'How hard can that be?' Famous last words, every time, especially when spoken by an unhorsey significant other. Presenting Horse Nation's Melanie Eberhardt’s newest comic lol


Hahahaha yes! Very inspired and will be buying my husband a horse ASAP :)

Watch out! It's true! Had experience in that department.

I may seem dignified, but if you mess with my horse, I will break out a level of crazy that will make your nightmares seem like a happy place.

You defiantly know when spring has hit!!:)

Very true! This has already been happening at the barn with a few of the horses. Oi, the spring season. Mud, poopy water, and hair everywhere. What's not to love?

this cat is like the animal embodiment of me sometimes. its one of those "get a room!" moments

l It' d be a shame If somebody walks through? Anti-PDA Cat That bitch l It' d be a shame If somebody walks through?

As a matter of fact

Typical Horse Problem Putting meds in your horses feed and getting caught.