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Opinel Picnic Knife | The husb got me this knife for our anniversary, and I love it.

Opinel Picnic Knife

This little pocket knife is the sort you’ll take on countless outings - road trips, camping, picnics - you name it.

Style, design.

opinel Folding pocket knife with wooden handle and a stainless steel blade


I got an Opinel No. 8 a while back - I can definitely see why they've been in business for almost 125 years. I haven't used it to cut any baguettes, though.

Opinel No8 Pruning Folding Knife

Details Size Personalize Care Safety With its curved blade beveled on both sides the Opinel pruning knife is the ideal tool for grape-picking, shrub pruning

Opinel Pocket Knife - Cool Material

Opinel Pocket Knife


Opinel Carbon Pocket Knife and 'Bertrand de Lussac' Brown Leather Sheath

Opinel No. 8 Pruning Knife

5 Favorites: The Best Pruning Knives

A small pruning knife with a sharp blade and a comfortable handle (to prevent slippage) is the right tool for thinning delicate branches, removing suckers,