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Are your parenting words bullets or seeds? Here's the difference... parentingthetruth.com

Parenting words have a powerful impact on your kids. Are they life-giving or destructive? They can either be bullets or seeds to your child's heart.

Printable Summer Rules from http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Printable Summer Rules

I'm excited to have a more lax schedule, but summer always scares me a bit because of that. Here's my solution --- this printable summer rules sheet.

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Why apologizing is important for parents.  parentingthetruth.com

Apologizing is an important habit for parents to model in front of kids. Parents, learn to humbly and sincerely say "I'm sorry" to your children.

mostly because i only ever want to talk about sex.

Story of my life, btw.

desenhos de mãos a contar números - Pesquisa Google

desenhos de mãos a contar números - Pesquisa Google



How to Get Your Family Talking & Nurture Good Communication  jbmthinks.com

Good communication is at the foundation of every healthy family.

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Parents, How to be More Than a Noisy Gong in Your Home

The Power of your words: Are you giving or taking?  parentingthetruth.com

Power of words: they can build up or destroy

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Controlling words: how you can stop the explosion before it even starts. As a parent, controlling your words begins with controlling your thoughts.

Parents, Here's Why You Shouldn't REACT.  parentingthetruth.com

Parents should not react as much as they should pro-act. Look for ways to speak life into your kids before they even need it in a certain situation.

How to Get a Little UMPH in your parenting...  parentingthetruth.com

parenting: how to get a little umph and energy in your daily life