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Retired Crown - Trollbeads museum bead

Retired Crown - Trollbeads museum bead

Trollbead's Retired Chicken in Egg, Pig and Snake

Trollbead's Retired Chicken in Egg, Pig and Snake

Ruby Rock - trollbeadsuniverse.com

Trollbeads: Ruby Rock Bead - The Ruby Rock is made up of ruby crystallizations large enough to be seen within the rock. The relationship between the large rock and the precious elements. Just like mother and child.

another on the Troll bead wish list!

Dream Catcher Bead

Trollbeads: Dream Catcher - Like with the native Americans this bead catches your dreams. It holds on to the good dreams and chases the bad dreams away through the feathers and out in the wind.

Snake - trollbeads.com

Snake - This bead left the collection in The snake symbolizes wisdom, power, cunning and ingenuity. The snake is also a biblical symbol of temptation.

This bead is smaller and more charming in person than you'd know from the photos, fortunately.   On my wish list now. (Original thought: You wouldn't have thought that it would be possible to make an ugly, ungainly marijuana-themed bead.)     Ganja is considered the wisdom weed by Rastafarians.

Wisdom Weed Bead

In the Fall Trollbeads releases a new group of beads. Wisdom Weed bead is a sterling bead with leaves. Ganja is considered the wisdom weed by Rastafarians.

Trollbead.. Faro.. La luce verso un porto sicuro

Trollbeads Lighthouse Bead in Sterling Silver - 2048797 by Helzberg Diamonds.

The Squirrel silver Trollbead is so sweet! The squirrel has been saving for the winter and offers you a delightful acorn.

Berry Bead, Silver

The small version of the Berry bead is a great bead full of texture & it is retired. This solid cast sterling silver bead is shaped as a forest raspberry.

Designer:Svend Nielsen    Article No.: tbm003  Release date: 1995 I would love to have this hedgehog.

Designer:Svend Nielsen Article No.: Release date: 1995 I would love to have this hedgehog.

Hydrangea Bead, Silver

Hydrangea Bead, Silver

The Trollbeads Hydrangea bead is a lovely sculptural bead with tiny detailed hydrangea blossoms all over the bead. A smaller scale silver Trollbead.

Triple Pearl, White - A little pearl would be a nice addition

Trollbeads: Triple Pearl Bead, White - It's classical and romantic; white freshwater pearls wrapped in silver hydrangea combine to make this unique bead.