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The Portland Japanese Garden is a traditional Japanese garden occupying acres, located within Washington Park in the west hills of Portland, Oregon, USA. Portland Japanese Garden is composed of five distinct garden styles

gets rid of weeds

1 Simple Thing that Gets Rid of Dandelions & Weeds for Good. It’s called Bayer Advanced, it kills hundreds of types of weeds without hurting your grass. It’s in a blue bottle, and we just grab it whenever we go to Home Depot.

And sell for weddings. Different styles with irises, little white bell shaped ones...that grew out front here

natural-white-garden-flowers - Once Wed

~ incredible angel white lilac, beautiful~I I used to love our lilacs trees in my backyard.

"Stack of Lillies" - San Diego Wildlife Park, San Diego California

"Stack of Lillies" - San Diego Wildlife Park, San Diego California

calles repletas de árboles Tunel de árboles de Ginkgo, Japón

Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan - Around ginkgo trees line the streets of Tokyo; they are known as “the bearer of hope”, since some of them survived the bombing of Hiroshima. This tree tunnel is located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine.

Blue Fields, Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Blue Fields, Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan (photo by Nacho Valo, from Amazing Things in the World)

This HGTV website has beautiful container gardening ideas - like this one - and list of plants good for shady areas as well... Planning already :)

Finding a Good Planter.From toolboxes to wheelbarrows, the garden shed can yield plenty of unique possibilities for containers. Just make sure to provide adequate drainage. Love old wheelbarrow with beautiful plants.

5 Tips on How to Grow Gorgeous Hydrangeas

5 Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas

flowers - 5 Essential Tips for Growing Gorgeous Hydrangeas-my absolute favorite flower! I am so jealous of all my neighbors who have beautiful purple and blue hydrangea bushes!

How to Get a Hydrangea Plant to Bloom

Otherwise entitled, "How My Hydrangeas Got Their Groove Back." The hydrangea is my absolute favorite plant to see in a yard, with a possible.

Funkia 'White Feather' found at

New variety of Hosta! White Feather has large pure white leaves that emerge in late spring/early summer. Throughout the summer green streaks develop on the foliage and lavender flowers rise up in summer I want these to alternate with dark coral bells

Put a couple of pennies in the soil with your hydrangeas to turn them blue

Put a couple of pennies in the soil with your hydrangeas to turn them blue.I remember Mother using nails. Don't remember her ever getting the hydrangeas to turn blue.