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This is beautiful.

They would have to change color scarves. The robes are black though either with the Hogwarts crest or they sew on their house crest. Whoever said that they didn't mention scarves and ties in the book is wrong.

Saint Seiya, Aquarium

Interesting to hear peoples different opinions on the houses of the Narnia characters- Ok, I pinned this quite a while ago but it's been getting a lot of repins lately so I thought I'd  update my thoughts.  I think I like the picture at the top the best, mostly because I like to compare them to the Hogwarts Founders, with Peter as Godric Gryffindor, Susan as Rowena Ravenclaw, etc.

The written house assignments are perfect. Although, I think Lucy is probably a Hufflepuff and Peter a Gryffindor<<<<<and Susan is a ravenclaw and Edmund is a slytherin

Fortune Telling by puking-pastilles << This is so cute!!!<<<but I ship rose and scorpius

Fortune Telling by puking-pastilles << This is so cute!<<<but I ship rose and scorpius <<< I ship rose and scorpious, and Albus and scorpious.

It's Like Cooking by laerry

It's Like Cooking by laerry on deviantART. That's how I've always thought of it. That's why I don't understand why potions was so hard other than Snape was the teacher.