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Caution Low Flying Aircraft This sign is definitely getting the message across.

lol... tomatoes are now dangerous.

Funny Signs

Adoro essas placas. E com certeza colocarei a primeira em frente a minha casa kkkkkk

Funny Signs From Around The World. The last one is my favorite. >>>> I think the mountain lion one is my favorite. nm theryér all my favorite hahaha couldn stop laughing XD

pointing out the obvious...the sad part is that nowadays some people are so stupid they actually need these signs...

What's the most ridiculous sign you see here? Or What is the most ridiculous road sign you have ever seen? Or Create your own ridiculous road sign.

Oh this applies to everything in life

"Recently got moved to a new office, this sign is glued to wall. Signs everywhere so many we stop looking room 101 for signs lumped together collage style. switches me off into room 101 😊

dandelions and dragonflies: Notice and Note (part 1)

Funny pictures about Thank you for noticing. Oh, and cool pics about Thank you for noticing. Also, Thank you for noticing.

Meanwhile at WalMart

Funny pictures about Walmart Parking Fail. Oh, and cool pics about Walmart Parking Fail. Also, Walmart Parking Fail.


Funny pictures about Human nature summed up. Oh, and cool pics about Human nature summed up. Also, Human nature summed up.