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"Sometimes saying sorry is not enough" Actions speak louder than words!

I don’t think I can ever forgive myself. How could I be so stupid

Forgive yourself for the blindness that put you in the path of those who betrayed you. Sometimes a good heart doesn't see the bad.oh how you betrayed me.and in such a way I could never forgive you.

You should only explain yourself to those feeding, financing or otherwise providing pleasure & still, only when you want to!!

Learn to say "no" without explaining yourself. Ya, need to work on that - well, just on saying "no" in general at first :)

Dress how you want to be addressed

Dress how you want to be ADDRESSED. In other words, don't dress like a prostitute if you don't want to be one.

Unless we learn from our mistakes, the past will continue to repeat itself.

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I finally learned with you. We had to repeat for several years but I finally learned

Numa era em que o tempo parece andar em fast forward , quando tudo é mais do que acelerado, o mais normal é sentirmo-nos assoberbados com...

Work Quotes : Slow down and enjoy yourself a little more. Dont be so serious. Life is not a r

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Nice idea for a daily affirmation: The woman I was yesterday, introduced me to the woman I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman I will become tomorrow.