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I Have PMS and GPS.

I have PMS & GPS, which means I am a bitch and I will find you. Haha I laughed so hard

funny pet vet: lets go to the vet they said, it'll be fun they said. loldamn.com

Pets At The Vet! Hilarious Photos Of Terrified Dogs And Cats Who Really Don't Want A Check-Up cute animals dogs cat cats adorable dog puppy animal pets kitten funny animals funny pets funny cats funny dogs

Funny cat bath pictures

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

I haven't seen this yet...soooo I guess things aren't to bad is that  SWAT!

You know it's a bad neighborhood when you see a bird with a ankle monitor carrying a knife

can't stop smiling! Get a Free Consultation for your #dog from our Friends at Nature's Select http://naturalpetfooddelivery.com/nsd/usa/free-consultation/

Pets bring such JOY to a family. And having a loving home & family brings such JOY to a pet. Every pet who is sitting in a shelter deserves to know what that kind of joy feels like.and they deserve to be loved!

He Made His Choice - Awww.  He looks so earnest.

He Made His Choice

These pics show that it's hard to handle kids when they are you with at shopping mall. These kids completely broken the shopping.lol - Page 18 of 25

Children created for creativity - @gihearli

A rerun of an activity engaged in 66 years ago: I was the baby and the artist my sister! Replace the marker with bright red lipstick :-)