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"Each work grows, stays, decays – integral parts of a cycle which the photograph shows at its heights, marking the moment when the work is most alive. There is an intensity about a work at its peak that I hope is expressed in the image. Process and decay are implicit." Andy Goldsworthy

Sanders Architecture draws inspiration from many things, including artists of the past and present. British sculptor and photographer, Andy Goldsworthy, is known for his sensitivity to and incorporation of natural materials in his work.

Andy Goldsworthy

A look around Andy Goldsworthy's house with permission of the house keeper.

Architecture is creativity solidified into a form of building..."the complex or carefully designed structure of something" (Google def #2).  NOT  necessarily as large as "a building". Here is a half-circle of stones built to rise in an arch at the still water's edge. Waters reflect it to create a perfect circle, & stones below water parallel form of stones. RESEARCH by DdO:) - http://www.pinterest.com/DianaDeeOsborne/dido-reflections/ -  Martin Hill Stream Stone Circle, White Beach, New…

by Martin Hill. Stacking stones rocks arch art sculpture - maybe for a garden pond ? An aquatic stargate for my inner geek ! Like how reflection completes circle

andy goldsworthy art

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor who makes site-specific installations using natural and found objects to create temporary (and sometimes permanent) sculptures.

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Stone River by Andy Goldsworthy. I can see how this art piece could be difficult to capture because of how the stone wall goes off into the distance. Just capturing the perfect lighting is just the start of it.

Andy Goldsworthy, one of Two Oak Stacks, 2003, two large balls of stacked and knitted oak sticks, Storm King Art Center, NY.

Andy Goldsworthy, one of Two Oak Stacks, two large balls of stacked and knitted oak sticks, Storm King Art Center, NY.

Andy Goldsworthy

fernsandmoss: “ Andy Goldsworthy, Frost Leaf Patch, Clapham, Yorkshire, December of 1979 ”

Master Class - Workshop to find inspiration.

Snowball, Middleton woods, Yorkshire, April This picture would have been difficult to get because of getting the snowball there without melting.

Une sélections des œuvres d’Andy Goldsworthy, un des pionniers du Land Art, photographiées en Grande-Bretagne entre 1983 et 1986. ...Savoir plus

Une sélection de Land art par Andy Goldsworthy