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Highlights:  ※ Menu bar in the middle „History  Opportunities   Projects” ※ New Note input with blue button

Various design websites have been going through the concept of a flat design in UI. Whether it be for a website or for an app, flat and minimal designs are

Bruno Felicio  look nice. oh and that is what I call an hamburger icon :)    2  about 8 hours ago | Reply | Like?    PRO James Barnes  @Bruno Felicio - Hah, yep! All credit goes to @Dave Gorum for birthing that juicy icon.

HQ Stylesheet

Artboard of a comprehensive app stylesheet for Carbonmade's new internal HQ. A bit cluttered since it's covering multiple interaction points. Just imagine 4 frantic mice clicking / dragging peeps.

Great idea. Socially fed local weather comments.

Designer Tobias van Schneider has created a brutally honest weather app called Authentic Weather. Authentic Weather app is original human & honest weather


Great dashboard UI designs are developed daily to remind us of the possibilities we have to present data.

Dashboard Revisions — Take 2

Dashboard Revisions