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Newborn Thumbelina dolls--I had twins.

Newborn Thumbelina dolls--I had twins.

Knickerbocker Dolly Pops. Small, hard, plastic dolls with interchangeable snap-on plastic clothing, bikes, chairs, etc.

Dolly Pops - yes! I think I had the Dolly Pops fashion show with a little stage that turned.

Dawn Dolls from the 1970s. Anyone else remember these? I had Dawn, Angie, and Gloria

Dawn Dolls from Christmas 1970 - I had them all - Dawn, Angie, Dale and Gloria.

dolly mixtures.

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Drowsy Doll from the 70s. Pull the cord and she talks :) Learn about your collectibles, antiques, valuables, and vintage items from licensed appraisers, auctioneers, and experts at BlueVault. Visit:  http://www.BlueVaultSecure.com/roadshow-events.php

Loved my Drowsy doll and got a new one each Xmas because old wear her out. "I want a drink of water".still can hear it!

Dolly Pops.. Wow! I vaguely remember having one of these.  Wonder if they were the precursor to Polly Pockets

A Child of the 80s

There really is nothing like the memories of childhood is there? I think the older we get... the more we tend to turn our childhood memories into magical fairytale like thoughts... I know for myself.. memories of my childhood are just ever so sweet...

Reminiscing my 80s Toys! :)

1973 Ideal Rub-a-Dub Dolly was my favorite baby doll as a kid!  I got mine in the late sixties and it came with a tub.  "Taking a bath can be so much fun cuz two in the bathtub,...."

1973 Rub-a-Dub Dolly, soft pretty dolly, play with her in the bath with you, taking a bath can be so much fun, cause 2 in the bathtub is more fun than 1