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ใคร...?    ใครสักคนที่เกิดมาเพื่อผูกพัน...

ใคร...? ใครสักคนที่เกิดมาเพื่อผูกพัน...

Bye guys. I'm going to London to go stand on the street corner of where ever it is that they live.

OMG, Benedict and Tom are BFFs. And to hear one of them say it directly. I think my fangirl heart just exploded. (And my imagination is now running away with the idea of them having sleepovers.)<<Oh my gods this cannot be a safe thing

Plus in the special Sherlock was telling John "It's never twins!!" but that John was made out of Sherlock's subconscious anyway!

WOAAAHHH WHAT JUST HAPPENED HERE! <<<<<the last part made me throw my phone and reexamine my entire life <==== that last part kinda is the final problem to this scenario.

Google Image Result for http://www.simplyeighties.com/resources/viewmaster_red_with_reel.jpg%3Ftimestamp%3D1253038788660

Oh yes, my viewmaster -- LOVED IT! I actually still have my viewmaster and many of my original reels. One of the few things I have from my childhood. Comment if you had a viewmaster too!

You show it in the way you act like I don't exist

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Thankyou Brendon you literally just summed up what I thought when Dan said this in his roast yourself tag (that he wasn't even tagged in ) . But hey Evan Peters OMG YAAAASSSSS