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How Cell Phones Can Be Classroom Learning Tools

Do you need ideas for how to use cell phones in the classroom? More and more creative teachers are now exploiting the teenagers favorite mobile device in order to enhance the teaching and learning at school.

Cell phones in the classroom

Cell phones in the classroom

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Class, Please Take Out Your Cell Phones: Why Cell Phones Need to Be in the Classroom

Class, Please Take Out Your Cell Phones: Why Cell Phones Need to Be in the Classroom

A strategy on how to get out of the Timeshare trap. Based off of personal experience.

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The Positive and Negative Sides of Using Cell Phones for Teaching and Instruction in the Classroom

Apple iPhone 4 - - Black (AT) Smartphone

For many teachers, the only option they know to use cell phones in the classroom is to ban them in phone jail to prevent certain distractions. We are here to show you a few more ideas.

Although cell phones have the potential to pose a number of problems in the classroom, technologies offered by cell phones can be harnessed to improve student learning.

Are cell phones driving you crazy in class?...I have a great way to deal with cell phones if you see kids using them during class...This new idea has worked great for me in my 9th grade high school class.  I bought a fun lunch box from Rite Aid. Then I showed my students how distracting cell phones are to a teacher...Follow the link below to see how it all works! :)  Look on the left hand column under Oct. 2013 "Tip of the Month."

Are Cell Phones Driving You Crazy? - Health Lesson Plans for Middle and High School Students

Sticky #teaching: Understanding what a #brain can't ignore. | Free Sticky Teaching Poster | There’s been significant traction with my sticky teaching infographic. When I created it, it was for a specific purpose, but I created a generic version and put it on SlideShare and it got over twenty thousand views. One of the most common requests was from teachers who wanted a poster to put it up in a resource location, or place like that. So I created this version of the poster.

"Sticky Teaching" - Smart Teaching, understanding what a brain can't ignore (infographic, from Chris Lema) these verses! All year I've been trying to study and mimic how Jesus, the Great Teacher, taught. Good reminder for me!

Text What You Learned: Using Technology to Assess

One way to use texting in your classroom is for quick assessment of student learning. Watch you can allow students to text during class while gaining valuable information. Keep checking back for more ways to incorporate texting into lessons.

Classroom Freebies: Change the Reading Level of the Search Results on Google!

Change the Reading Level of the Search Results on Google!

classroomcollective: “ do you want to find informational websites to use with your class that have a bit more “child-friendly” vocabulary? use this neat trick to change the reading level of your.