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Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and Lands - The Rumor Mill - Magic Fundamentals - MTG Salvation Forums - MTG Salvation

mtg Magic the Gathering Ugin, the Spirit Dragon mythic rare colorless planeswalker card Fate Reforged

Rise of the Dark Realms Magic the Gathering mtg black mythic rare card sorcery spell

Rise of the Dark Realms is a 9 drop black, 7 Generic) Sorcery. Keeping in theme with Jarad, it plays heavily with the graveyard, but not only your own. For 9 mana, you can return all crea…

Mangara's Tome

MI: Mangara's Tome, Artifact 5 When Mangara's Tome enters the battlefield, search your library for five cards, exile them in a face-down pile, and shuff.

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mtg Magic the Gathering 1 Tree of Perdition - Foil Eldritch Moon Color: Black Type: Creature - Plant Rarity: M Cost: Language: English Defender T: Exchange target opponent's life total with Tree of Perdition's toughness.

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