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1966 Liquor Ad, Canada Dry Bourbon, "Meet the Company Bourbon"

Mad Men, Whisky, Bourbon, Liquor, Whiskey, Alcohol, Drink, Liqueurs

Believe it (or not) I found one of these in my basement - UNOPENED - so I drank it

‘Show her it’s a man’s world’: American adverts from the Mad Men era reveal the shocking sexism upon which brands were built

Old Fitzgerald Prime 8yo mini 86.8 proof Bourbon Whiskey.

Old Fitzgerald Prime mini proof Bourbon Whiskey.

1965 Liquor Ad, George Dickel Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky

Print Ads, Whisky, Mad Men, Vintage Ads, Tennessee, Liquor, 1960s, Bourbon, Scotch

Haig & Haig’s 86.8 Proof Blended Scots Whisky (1948)

Haig & Haig’s Proof Blended Scots Whisky