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ReadyMade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: A Do-It-Yourself Primer by Shoshana Berger, http://www.amazon.com/dp/1400081076/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_N3G4pb0HSN166

ReadyMade: How to Make [Almost] Everything: A Do-It-Yourself Primer, a book by Shoshana Berger, Grace Hawthorne

Fingerprint Bookmark, um marcador de livro que guarda a última linha em que você leu!

Fingerprint Bookmark - in Blue - Snaps onto book easily. Point rubber finger to last word you read. You'll never lose your place again.

Only a clever intruder will figure out this lock #locksmith #crime

The Defendius Door Chain from Art. Lebedev Studio is an “a-maze-in” door lock that will deter even the most cunning of burglars. I think it would also deter me from ever leaving or letting anyone visit lol

Legless Cork Screw

Pirate style classic Waiter's Friend bottle opener The sommelier’s favourite “Waiter’s Friend” corkscrew, pull corks like a professional.

Whitelines Link A4 grid notebook from Bureau Direct. Photo your notes on your iPhone and save them electronically. Brilliant!!

Make digital copies of notebook pages with Whitelines Link notebook & app

letterpress card. we go together like trix and silly rabbits via Etsy

we go together like trix and silly rabbits via Etsy

Great book.  Highly recommended!

Hunger Games (Movie Tie-in) (UK Version)

A surprisingly great book! Katniss is a very strong, independent female character, which is something you don't see a lot in young girls today.

6 Financial Planning Tips for Grads; a.k.a. What You Wish You Knew at 23! Read more at http://www.moneyunder30.com/financial-planning-tips-for-grads-8658#iIkOu81Qmgs5LcFl.99

Financial planning tips for grads (or what you wish you knew at Starting your first job? Make these six steps your financial priorities and grow rich.