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Dream big

I'm the girl who likes to take chances. The girl who looks into the positive and negative side to any situation. With all the going back and forth this past weekend, I decided to hand in my resignation letter. Moving forward to new beginnings.

Wednesday's thought via @theblacklinebylauren #qotd #dream #big ...

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this is reassuring. i've planned to quit at least once a week since i started college. especially in my art classes.

We've all been there.keep dreaming big! "If you haven't felt like quitting, your dreams aren't big enough.

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The scary thing about the future is that it's unknown. and the exciting thing about the future is that it's unknown.

This quote relates to the March Family not only because it has the words Little Women in it, but the meaning of it. Three of the Four girls became highly successful and imaginative women. Beth had died but all of the March girls had dreams that they were hoping to achieve by working hard.

Little girls with dreams become women with vision. Dream big Don't kill little girls dreams

32 Beautiful Motivational Quotes That’ll Give You Life

32 Beautiful Motivational Quotes That'll Give You Life

❤️ I tried to chase mine today... it didn't work very well ❤️

Inspiring quote: "Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.