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Hérnia Incisional

Hérnia Incisional

http://delhiobesityclinic.com/contact-us/  Contact Us +91-9873007704

http://delhiobesityclinic.com/contact-us/ Contact Us +91-9873007704

Gastric banding surgery for weight loss http://www.obesity-surgery.com.au/laparoscopic-adjustable-gastric-banding.aspx

Another procedure we conduct at Garden state Bariatrics is Gastric Band Surgery.

Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery | Dr. Shawn Tsuda #health #blog #healthblog #medical #doctor

Plastic Surgery after Bariatric Surgery

Natural Cures For Hemorrhoids

A represents an internal hemorrhoid, B represents an external prolapsed hemorrhoid, C is a mixed hemorrhoid (both internal and external), D is a thrombosed hemorrhoid and E is an external hemorrhoid.

Achalasia.  A disorder of esophogeal smooth muscle function, in which the lower esophogeal sphincter (LES) incompletely relaxes.  Food then collects above the LES and distends the esophagus, while moving very slowly into the stomach.  Associated with chest pain while eating, and vomiting.  There is no known cause or cure.

Check out our slideshow and learn more on MedlinePlus: Achalasia - series—Indications

Learn about the three general reasons for revision #bariatric surgery and what can be done.

If you need revisions after weight loss surgery, a few options are available. Conversion to duodenal switch is among those options, but know the risks as well as the benefits.