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Dogs in Cars by Martin Usborne   :'(

Evocative photos of dogs left in cars. A collection of various dogs left in cars round the world by Martin Usborne. Very sad indeed.

Martin Usbourne

Martin Usborne : “MUTE: the silence of dogs in cars” Series

LE REVELATEUR #32 : Martin Usborne, The Silence of Dogs in Cars  http://www.competencephoto.com/The-Silence-of-Dogs-in-Cars-Martin-Usborne-serie_a2378.html  (en français)    THE DEVELOPER #32 : Martin Usborne, The Silence of Dogs in Cars  http://www.competencephoto.com/The-Silence-of-Dogs-in-Cars-Martin-Usborne-series_a2379.html  (in English)

The Silence of Dogs in Cars • Martin Usborne (série)


Shep: from the book, "The Silence of Dogs in Cars, by Martin Usborne.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars By Martin Usborne

UK-based photographer Martin Usborne has captured a series of sad and thought-provoking photos of dogs waiting in cars. Called 'The.

Burt - Martin Usborne - The Silence of Dogs in Cars

The silence of dogs in cars, Martin Usborne ; texts by Susan McHugh, Martin Usborne.

Portraits of Abandoned Dogs, by Martin Usborne

Portraits of Abandoned Dogs

"Nice To Meet You" is a poignant portrait series of abandoned dogs, shot by London-based photographer Martin Usborne.