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PLEASE watch this ... Repin this ... Share this ... Our planet is worth it!!

Oahu Snorkeling - snorkeling w/ marine biologists, semi-private snorkel boat tours, Hawaii

Dame Vivienne Westwood

I heart Vivienne Westwood. She has stayed true to who she as she has grown older, despite what society says about style and aging. The British Are Coming Magazine: Vogue UK October 2009 Photographer: Tim Walker Model: Vivienne Westwood

This is the real dancing with the stars! http://media-cache4.pinterest.com/upload/115686284148138905_jgK0vdqR_f.jpg lkmark underwater oceans of the world

As I said earlier today, two sets with animal photography. Now I have the second set called 'Marine Life' made by Andrey Narchuk, a photographer with the focus on underwater art and nature photography.

Glenn Kulmer

Behind the Shot: Tang and Eel

Tardigrades aka Water Bears are durable microscopic monsters that are extremophiles

WATER BEARS IN SPACE! The water bear, or TARDIGRADE, is so small it measures in angstroms, not millimeters. The Swedes sent some into space in The tiny critters survived the vacuum of space, the intense cold and radiation for 8 days!

Teamwork, working together for a common goal, no matter how big it may seem.

Norden, you are my sexy turtle shhh and I love you :)