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You describe this one :-)

You describe this one :-)

Duct tape has its uses BUT.......

Duct tape has its uses BUT.

DIY Home Inspector Checklist: 25 Places to Look!

The DIY Home Inspection Checklist

What the heck - http://www.hvac-hacks.com/what-the-heck/

"Excuse me, sir. Why do you have a box of explosives in your crawl space? And why is there a wire attached to it? Never mind, I'll be leaving now."Dan Chapleski True North Inspection Services Coeur d'Alene, IdahoCourtesy of The ASHI Reporter

Missing water lines...hmmm

Missing water lines.

"Duct-tape siding: I wonder if the paint voids the warranty."thisoldhouse.com | from Home Inspection Nightmares XXVII

Home Inspection Nightmares XXVII

"Duct-tape siding: I wonder if the paint voids the warranty.

Crawlspace Issue

Crawlspace Issue

Moisture issue

Moisture issue

Photo: Rich Madore | thisoldhouse.com | from Home Inspection Nightmares XII

Home Inspection Nightmares XII