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This is the way the movies play legal fiction. Scene from Anatomy of a Murder. I WATCHED ONE of those 48 hour mystery shows about a murder trial.  The kicker was that no one had ever found the body.  The supposed victim, a young woman, just... Read more

James Stewart, Brooks West - Anatomy of a Murder (Otto

this shouldn't be too hard seeing as I'm bilingual myself :p

Trilingual is worse. You'll end up saying stuff in one language with the grammar of your native language but accidentally throw in a word in another language.

...not necessarily true. A serial killer is traditionally defined as a person who has killed three or more people over a period of more than a month, with down time (a "cooling off period") between the murders, and whose motivation for killing is usually based on psychological gratification. The murders may have been attempted or completed in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common; for example, occupation, race, appearance, sex, or age group. - wikipedia

It's for purely fictional purposes okay! And you might catch a marlin!

nice Th3_A11_M1ghty_B0nn13 on iFunny :) by http://www.dezdemonhumor.space/science-humor/th3_a11_m1ghty_b0nn13-on-ifunny/

Th3_A11_M1ghty_B0nn13 on iFunny

Now I can finally be a mermaid! Now I have a new way to torture people!

A little more hitler from tumblr, always so powerful.  *This was pretty interesting...

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He was a human being. Not a monster. That's what's so scary. that human beings are capable of things far worse than our imaginary monsters.

thank you for appreciating us you have earned our blessings and black magic now go wreak havoc my sweet summer child

Excuse the language Hell yeah, hardcore artists! PS, they forgot writers, too.

Choking isn't the best method of killing someone. Pretending to on the other hand... that could work. ⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔ http://howtofightwrite.tumblr.com/post/160103431319/why-is-choking-someone-into-unconscious-normally ⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔⚔

Choking isn't the best method of killing someone. fight scene info for fiction writers