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Russia Claims Android-Like OS Is Hack-Proof - The Technology Zone

SafeShare.TV - The Safest Way To Watch and Share YouTube videos. I have this bookmarked so that we can watch videos without comments or thumbnails of other videos showing up along the side.

create safe viewing site of your yourtube videos. NO adds, not links to other videos, no comments.

Apple Taxman Cometh - The Technology Zone

Apple's new iPhone 5 sports a redesigned plug for cords that connect the device to electrical outlets or home computers—which could prove to be a big pain in the neck.

10 ways George Lucas's Star Wars prequels tried to ruin the original films

10 ways George Lucas's Star Wars prequels tried to ruin the original films

QuickBooks for Mac helps you Prepare your enterprise budget multi function position so which you can complete normal tasks in fewer steps. Get set up in minutes – it’s Straightforward to study and use. It’s Built for the Mac, so it seems to be and works s

starfall taught my kids to read.

Kindergarten and Learning to Read (Free stuff)

How to Turn a PowerPoint into an E-Book

You can create a stunning PDF e-book by using PowerPoint. This video demonstrates how. For a beautiful set of pre-designed e-book templates, take a look at m.

Amazon Shuns Google, Asks Nokia To The Kindle Fire 2 Maps Prom - The Technology Zone

Not surprise, since Kindle Fire isnt a true tablet ;) JumpTap: Kindle Fire Usage Has Declined After Holiday Boost, iPad Back To Pre-Fire LaunchLevels