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Boskke Sky Planter - great for growing herbs in the kitchen (since I don't have a window sill!)

Boskke Sky Planter - great for growing herbs in the kitchen (since I don't have a window sill!

Grow a Home Herb Garden

Grow a variety of herbs this way! So pretty and convenient - not out in the cold and right by the window for plenty of light.

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Perfect Planter Try planting an herb wheel. These circular arrangements of pots or wooden planters keep the herbs contained but separate. Some are modeled on a real wooden wheel, while others are ceramic wedges that fit together like slices in a pizza.

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How to Grow Herbs Indoors the Easy Way Fresh herbs are a great addition to your meals. Here's a simple technique I've figured out to successfully grow herbs

Hængende planter

Green your world from the inside out and upside down with this award winning product by Patrick Morris from Boskke. The sky planter allows you to create a

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Ponytail Palm - GoodHousekeeping.com

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NOTE: If growing kitchen herbs, consider planting them in glass or tin can set into the pockets--so chemicals from the non-food-grade pockets won't leach into the plants

how to grow herbs in the kitchen

I want something like this, but in planter form so I can keep it outside my kitchen window in the summer months.

Learn how to grow and preserve your own garden herbs here.

Growing your own herbs can be cheaper and fresher than buying at the store! Learn how with U of I Extension.