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I love this adorable owl!

The Striped Owl is a medium-sized owl with large ear tufts and a brownish-white facial disk rimmed with black. It lives in South America, and parts of Central America.

~~Wet Owl by Sham Jolimie~~

smithsonianmag: So it’s a little wet here ~ Photo: Sad Owl Standing in the Rain Photo by Shamma Esoof (Cyberjaya, Malaysia);

White-faced scops owl, San Diego Zoo #Iheartowls!  #BlueChipRealtyGroup

White-faced scops owl - This owl wears the same look on its face as my cat, Bitley.:-) Like WTF do you want now?


The quote that accompanied this pic was I heart owls in love! I never knew owls fell in love, or were this cute when they did so, but I think I heart owls in love now too.

Needle felted Snowy Owl ~ Imagine God and all that we see is His....

I needle felted this Snowy Owl in 4 days. Needle felting is using wool roving and stabbing the fibers with a very sharp, barbed needles. The barbs knot . A needle felted, Snowy Owl

Great Gray Owl Family.

Amazing wildlife - Great Grey Owl photo Mom owl with owlets


Little Owl juvenile.one of the reasons we like them so much, is that they look more like us than any other bird.