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Do a dragon flag

The ultimate abs exercise. So hard - but so good. You might have spotted Rocky Balboa doing these.-) He got the idea from Mr Bruce Lee. abs // six pack // dragon flags workout // core exercises // abdominals training

Awesome rare photo

guts-and-uppercuts: “ A rare photo of Bruce Lee doing monkey kung fu on the set of “Enter the Dragon” ”

Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

Two of life's Greatest Legends. Bruce Lee(Martial Artist) and Muhammad Ali(Boxer).

Образ жизни!

grandmasterbooty: look at this nigga just chillen, he prolly already mastered like 6 different styles of kung fu and drunken fist boxing and i’m over here just struggling to put my usb in my laptop correctly on the first try

10. Su padre, Lee Hoi-chuen, fue un conocido cantante de ópera y actor de cine

Young Bruce Lee with his Grandmaster Yip Man of Wing Chun Kung Fu style

The Wing Chun grandmaster with his famous student

Bruce Lee & his master Ip man. Also, if you haven't seen the film Ip Man 1 & 2 you are missing out tremendously

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee

Shannon Lee - daughter of iconic martial artist/film star, Bruce Lee!